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1 Interesting News and Information about Homeowner Associations

1.1 Private Community Associations: Boon or Bane for Local Governance?

Do homeowners and condominium associations, whose membership numbers more than 60 million people (a fifth of the U.S. population), offer their residents control over their neighborhoods? Or do these associations undermine individual freedom? Are these private governments a more efficient and responsible way than traditional governmental bodies to deliver local services? What are the fallout and remedies when homeowners associations and other private neighborhoods fail to meet their obligations? What impact will this form of collective private housing ownership have on the future of local government? How should the political and legal roles of private community associations change?

Watch the hour long discussion between two experts in this field from here:

The Urban Institute

1.2 CBS Philadelphia - On Your Side: Hidden Damage In Stucco Homes

By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In the market for a new home or maybe you’re selling the one you’re in? As the real estate market seems to be heating up, 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan warns buyers and sellers about a hidden problem that could cost thousands of dollars to fix.

It was a call from their Realtor that changed everything for Barbara and Scott Fetterolf. According to Barbara it went something like this, “She said is there anywhere you can sit down? And then she told me, and I was sick to my stomach. "The buyers of the couple’s 14 year old home were walking away.“ They did a stucco inspection...

Click this link to read the article and see the broadcast: