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This is the West End of Willistown Knoll Page.

As if Board Members don't have it good already!

Board members get their backyards cleaned up while others have dead bushes tree's etc in theirs.  Look how close
this trash bush is to the deck; forget about having a lawn behind my home.  There used to be one there.  You chose
to live in the woods is what I was told by the Landscape Committee chair.  The Board president told me to remove the
stuff myself and said he pays for his stuff himself.  Maybe he should show us the books where he did.

Landscape Committee, a Management company with a bunch of "accreditations" that are bought for a few hundred dollars each, a landscaping company and a bunch of busybodies that like to spy on people and not one of them knows that these plants are not proper trees or shrubs, they are on the government's invasive species list. They are honeysuckle bushes from China. Here, read this and educate yourself: Honeysuckle Shrubs from China. A West End Backyard

A Board Member's Back Yard.  She had the landscape company fix up more of it because she wasn't happy with it,
paid for by everyone else!  Here's the craziness, if homeowners clean up their areas with their own money and
time because the Board has chosen to neglect these areas, the Board gossips about these people being trouble
makers and defying their "authority"!  All this while they get what they want for themselves and friends with
our money.

Board Member Eileen's Backyard

Here's how it seems to work, The Board approves money for extra clean up without saying what it is for and then her husband who is on the landscape committee along with their other friends get to decide which areas get cleaned up.