The Historic Richard Cox House & Land

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This page will eventually contain much more information. For now:

Read about the history of our 1808 Farm House from this excerpt from Acres of Quakers, the 1808 Richard Cox House.

Did you know that the Quakers at a Standard Plan for their homes? If once you realize this, you can recognize many of them in our area, most dwarfed by much larger additions. See this excerpt from American Houses, The Quaker Plan House.

Willistown Township Violations

2008, the Board voted to tear down the 1808 Quaker Farm House. The township told them no, the house must be preserved as a historic element. Since then, the house has been neglected by successive boards.

In 2011, the Reserve Study Engineer advised the Board that if the Association owns the house, the Association needs to maintain it. The Reserve Study starting on page 38 defined a number of maintenance items for the house (new roof, windows, etc). The Board ignored the recommendations.

The township also met with the Board, passed along informal warnings, etc.

In February 2013, an notice of Violation was sent to the Board, citing up to $1,000 per day per violation of the various shortcomings of our Quaker House against the Township's Building Maintenance Code and expecting the shortcomings to be addressed.

These violations have nothing to do with the township's historic code, the Township is enforcing its Property Maintenance Ordinances. The township doesn't want to see buildings kept in conditions of deplorable disrepair. Think of it has a homeowner association on a higher level.

The issue: What is happening? Who would pay the fines? Will the Board undertake some knee-jerk solution without thinking through in detail the various options? Why isn't the community informed, there is no "litigation" involved at this point but the Management company refuses to inform owners about what is going on.