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A FAILURE to Disclose Important Information

This picture is from 2011 at Willistown Knoll, Radcliffe Court. The mason at the time found the flooring rotting underneath the fireplace. He emailed pictures to Laureen Young, Associa Mid-Atlantic Management Company at the time. She failed to disclose them to the entire Board so one Board member went out and took his own pictures to share with the Board.

Rotted Floor Supports for a Fireplace

Water runs down the chimney and rots the flooring support joists.


The masonry vendor was concerned that this particular style of home in the Association was at risk of fireplace failure and decoupling of the Chimney piping which would put the homeowners at risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. He suggested to the Board that all homes of this style should be immediately inspected, at minimum with a borescope but preferred removing a section of the stucco. Mr. Gilbert Breintnall was supplied a list of all homes with this type of chimney structure.

The majority of the Board and Associa Mid-Atlantic Management Co. decided to not disclose this information to the affected homeowners. Nothing was documented in the minutes, no disclosure took place. The Board did not have the contractor inspect the other homes at risk.

This is not an isolated incident! There are many examples of stucco siding failures, dating back to 2005 if not before. The moisture barrier has failed for a variety of reasons allowing water to penetrate into the building. Over years, the wood rots from the moisture. The failures are not universal but depend upon the style of the home, when they were built, and perhaps upon the contractor of the particular buildings which often changed over the years in which the homes were constructed (1987 through 1996).

This is just one example, there are more and MAMC and the Board are well aware of them.

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