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If you are considering purchasing in the Willistown Knoll Homeowner Association, please read this page. It is a beautiful community but given that it is over 25 years old and built in an era of a housing boom, the homes due have issues that need to be considered.

Living in a Homeowner Association is a bit different from owning your own home independent of an Association. For example, this radio talk show about Homeowner Associations in Washington D.C Association, On the Commons, uses the slogan "You are now leaving the American Zone" with good reasons. By purchasing into a Homeowner Association, you are automatically agreeing to a contract which requires you to "voluntarily" give up many of your civil rights to due process, home foreclosure, free speech, etc. The documents you are handed at closing, the Declaration and the Bylaws form binding contracts which you as the buyer have agreed to. You also give up the right to maintain your home as you might, instead, depending upon a group of neighbors who for better or worse, end up making decisions on your behalf and without full disclosure but for which you must pay the cost.

Willistown Knoll is situated in Pennsylvania, Chester County which located in the Southeastern section of the state. It is region poorly situated frame construction that used stucco siding. The building codes used in the 1980s and 1990s were not sufficient for this region and climate. The engineering article originally published in the ASHRAE Journal in February 2008 by "BSI-029: Stucco Woes—The Perfect Storm" refers to Eastern Pennsylvania as "stucco failure capital of the United States". This article is certainly worth reading if you are thinking of purchasing or currently live in a Stucco sided home in the Northeastern United States.

1 Specific Issues with Willistown Knoll

1.1 Stucco Siding