Governing Documents

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1 Governing Documents

Declaration — The declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions, sometimes refereed to as CC&Rs, are recorded with the register of deeds in the initial phase of development of a townhome or planned community. The Declaration governs what an owner may, may not, or must do with respect to the real estate. In the document, you will find things like a description of the association property, language establishing our homeowner association, a protocol for levying annual and special assessments for common expenses, and a description of the common areas

Bylaws — Our homeowner association is set up as Pennsylvania membership based non-profit corporations. The bylaws to set forth how the corporation will be run. In our bylaws you'll find find things like a description of the various classes of membership and their voting rights and provisions for calling and holding annual and special meetings of the members.

Rules and Regulations - The purpose of rules and regulations typically is to interpret, clarify, and assist in the administration of the CC&Rs. Rules and regs can't be any more restrictive than the CC&Rs.

2 Governing Document Hierarchy

State or federal statutes trump any homeowners association governing documents. Next comes the declaration, the bylaws, and then the rules and regulations.

3 The Documents