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The Financial Meeting of June 26, 2013
Summary: “It was like shearing a pig – plenty of squealing but not much wool"

Leading the Meeting:

  • Gail Van Dyke, CEO of Associa Mid-Atlantic Management Corporation
  • Patty Mullen-Smith, COO of Associa Mid-Atlantic Management Corporation
  • James M. McFadden, CPA of CPA2Condos $$
  • Holly Setzler, Esq., President of Landis & Setzler, P.C. $$

Also in attendance:

  • Steven C. Bickley, Community Manager, Associa Mid-Atlantic Management Corporation
  • A Security Guard paid by the Homeowners for the protection of the Board Members and Presenters $
  • Board Members:
Gilbert L. Brientnall, Marian R. Derr, Harry Diavatis, William B. Horst, Eileen McAnally


Commentary on Meeting

  • The 2012 Annual Report was mailed to Homeowners after the meeting yet was released on March 20, 2013. With all of the expense of the meeting such as having the 2012 auditor available, Ms Holly Setzler Esq., the CEO and COO of Associa Mid-Atlantic Management, would it not have been more profitable to have this in the homeowners possession before the meeting. Is the Board really serious about educating the homeowners?
  • The meeting was lead by Gail Van Dyke and Ms Patty Mullen-Smith of Associa-MAMC. Ms Holly Setzler sat in the front row, coaching the speakers. Our Board sat passively at the side of the room. Who really runs our association?
  • As homeowners attempted to have their questions answered, one Board member would taunt the homeowners by making such statements as "You're a liar", "Go back and crawl back under your rock", and "You're a coward". This individual has a rather odd view their Fiduciary responsibility in relationship to our Association and should consider resigning immediately so that he can be replaced by a more qualified and emotionally mature homeowner.

Questions for "the Board"

  • Where did the special assessments from the Homeowners go? Relabeling the special assessments as limited common element assessments doesn't change the fact that the these homeowners contributions are unaccounted as to where the money went. The explanations that Ms